Become a VIAneer

VIA is making a positive impact on the world, and so can you. Explore our open roles to become a key member of the ultimate mission-driven team.

Become a VIAneer

VIA is making a positive impact on the world, and so can you. Explore our open roles to become a key member of the ultimate mission-driven team.

Meet VIA

VIA is on a mission to make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable. And, it all starts with our committed and passionate team: the VIAneers.

What sets VIA apart

Patented technology

We’ve been issued 10+ patents and have more than eight pending for our Web3 platform. Our cutting-edge technology ranges from homomorphic encryption to distributed computing approaches.

VIAneer Experience Program (VXP)

The VXP is not your average professional development program. It is designed to support the uniqueness of each VIAneer, providing a tailored blend of support and development. This enables each individual to do what they love and showcase their ever-growing abilities.

Newsworthy people and products

Our team and technology have been featured by industry-leading publications and invited to speak at events across the globe.

Our values

We believe in facing challenges head-on with passion and excitement. We’ve created an environment where team members feel psychologically safe to raise alternative ideas and share their personal concerns, helping us reach better outcomes in the end.
Learning is all about feedback and trying new things. Each person, at every position in the company, has frequent feedback sessions to identify priorities, reflect on accomplishments, and discuss areas for improvement and additional support.
Everyone deserves a high five once in a while! The more we support each other, the more we encourage wide ranging contributions from diverse backgrounds to solve problems.
Technology today is moving at a super-fast pace. Curious people who constantly explore new approaches and think outside the box help find the best possible solutions.
If you love what you do, it shows in the quality and productivity of everything you do. High achievers are motivated to get something right, not just get something done. This motivation comes from pride in and love for company mission and individual tasks.
We are solving problems that others have considered unsolvable. Difficult problems require patience and grit. Individuals require resilience to approach a major challenge and overcome all the smaller challenges along the way.

What the VIA values mean to us

What the VIA values mean to us

VIAneer benefits

Receive high voltage rewards

VIA’s rewards package includes competitive compensation, company options, and top notch benefits.

Plug in and unplug with ease

Generous vacation, parental leave, and work from home options that fit you and whatever life throws your way.

Get amped up on learning

Whether it’s a mentorship, lunch and learn, language class, or online course, VIA will help you shine bright.

Grow in an innovative org design

Harvard Business School has identified and written about our innovative leadership and organizational design three times.

Connect in an energizing environment

Spacious and sustainable offices paired with an impressive range of inclusive social events = the perfect reflection of our mission and values.

Recharge and power up

Bringing your best requires both physical and mental care, something VIA supports through well-balanced activities and programs.

Open roles

Left: Liam Yeldon, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Right: Felice Sicoli, Talent Acquisition Manager

Meet our talent acquisition team

Our experienced and dedicated Talent Acquisition team is committed to attracting the best talent to VIA, while offering an exceptional candidate experience.

If you have any questions about an open role or are simply curious to learn more about a given topic, don’t hesitate to reach out:

Come for the mission, stay for the team

We’re not just any team, we are VIAneers! Each individual loves a challenge, enjoys a laugh, and works hard every day to make our mission a reality.

Get to know us

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