Let’s TAC™ About It: Multiple AI Specialists

In this blog series, we will cover the many capabilities and benefits of VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™). So, are you ready to TAC™ about it?

Big data and artificial intelligence, once the exclusive domain of internet giants like Google and Facebook, are no longer a luxury in today’s competitive business environment. It’s estimated that 67% of large companies will have AI initiatives in place by 2021. Based on this percentage, it’s clear that c-suite executives agree that big data and AI are critical to long-term prosperity of their business. 

The first step in any data initiative is to produce and collect massive amounts of data. Once the data fire hose is turned on, many organizations struggle to recruit and develop the data science talent they need to analyze this data and deliver actionable insights. A large ecosystem of big data companies, AI specialist companies, and tools have emerged to solve this data glut and talent shortage. However, there are very real security and privacy risks to consider for the firms that work with external AI companies. Managing and coordinating with AI companies is also costly and time consuming. These barriers can limit the amount of insights a company can gain from the data it has collected.

TAC™ substantially reduces the time, cost, and security and privacy risks of working with AI specialists. TAC™ does this by leaving data where it is instead bringing verified code to the data’s location, so that the analysis can be performed. TAC™ gives companies the power to decide which analyst can access specific datasets. By streamlining data access provisionment, companies can even grant multiple AI specialists access to the same dataset and leverage the wisdom of the crowd to select the best solution for their particular challenge. 

VIA is working with large utility companies across the globe to help them gain access to the AI specialists that can harness massive datasets collected by utilities to transition to a cleaner, safer, and greener energy industry.