USAF and VIA celebrate eJARVIS, the next generation of JARVIS solution, alongside key energy industry leaders

The United States Department of the Air Force (USAF) and VIA celebrated the accomplishments of eJARVIS, the next generation of VIA’s JARVIS solution, together at Energy Exchange 2024 in Pittsburgh, PA. 

USAF and VIA’s strong partnership dates back to 2020, when VIA first provided secure and privacy-protected analysis of data. The original JARVIS, while originally deployed at USCENTCOM bases and at Tyndall Air Force Base, did not incorporate data from neighboring electric utilities or capture electric vehicle (EV) and EV infrastructure data. The “e” in eJARVIS represents JARVIS’ expansion to handle much needed energy analysis.

In the last year alone, eJARVIS has supported the USAF in their fleet electrification transition through interactive, real-time dashboards, giving a complete view of site readiness. This has been proven at Travis Air Force Base, California, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, and Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington.

Given the growth in data, security requirements also increased. Building on the original JARVIS Platform One accreditation, eJARVIS achieved continuous Authority to Operate (ATO), in just three short months, a major milestone for the application. In a recently published article about the launch, USAF remarked that the speed of this ATO is “a testament to the dedication and innovation of the eJARVIS team.”

Douglas Tucker, Director of Installation Energy Policy and Programs for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Environment, Safety, & Infrastructure), describes how eJARVIS empowers energy managers in their role:

Douglas Tucker

Douglas Tucker

“The eJARVIS system utilizes advanced cybersecurity and privacy encryption, aggregating and then visualizing energy and infrastructure data from disparate sources.”

“This next wave of digital tools is promising because they empower energy managers to transform manual tasks, inform predictive budgeting, and ultimately optimize our ability to more accurately and efficiently support the mission.”

eJARVIS promises to pave the way for the future within the USAF and in the security, energy, and infrastructure spaces. It was best said in the article, “Together, this technology and other pilots underway are paving the way to a more streamlined, agile, and digitized future.”

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