VIA and KWHCoin Partner to Securely Analyze Smart Meter Data for Utility Clean Energy Incentive Programs

Somerville, MA – December 20, 2018VIA, a leader in solving energy industry problems using artificial intelligence and blockchain, today announced its partnership with KWHCoin, a blockchain-based solution that integrates renewable energy and distributed energy resources into the grid.

KWHCoin will use VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™) to securely and anonymously analyze consumer behavior from smart meter data to help its utility partners incentivize their customers to use renewable sources and clean energy.

Girard Newkirk, CEO of KWHCoin explains the value of partnering with VIA, “We have been working with several rural development cooperatives here in North Carolina to offer a reward system to their customers who use solar panels at their home or business. VIA’s approach to privacy preserving AI at both the energy infrastructure and individual household level will help make these types of rewards systems easily adoptable for more utilities and their customers who are concerned about privacy.”

“AI and analytics are powerful tools. Providing meaningful insights while maintaining the privacy and security of the underlying data is a crucial challenge. VIA’s TAC™ application is a “no trade off” solution and the world’s first privacy preserving AI platform,” said Colin Gounden, CEO of VIA.

He continued, “We are honored to partner with KWHCoin, a leader in delivering renewable energy access to underserved communities. VIA is on track to have 100,000 individual smart meter households protected by TAC™ in 2019. TAC™ will provide utilities with the insights they need for fault detection, load forecasting, and to create incentive programs, and other value-added services.”

About VIA

VIA helps energy companies across the globe realize the value of their data through AI and blockchain. Since 2016, the company has worked with the world’s largest utilities and government agencies on AI initiatives like predictive maintenance and contingency planning. VIA has developed a blockchain-based application, Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™) to help energy companies reduce the burden of preparing and sharing their data. TAC™ (patent pending) is the bridge that securely connects power company data, distributed across many locations, to potential AI solutions. Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, VIA has been featured in Wired and Inc. Magazine for its leadership in technology innovation. For more information, please visit

About KWHCoin

KWHCoin is a blockchain based community, ecosystem with a mission to provide renewable energy to the 1.2 billion people across the globe. We are using cryptocurrency as a liberation technology by giving people who are on the edges of the grid access to clean affordable energy.  Physical deliverable units of KWh energy are leveraged from multiple sources including smart meters, sensor readings and green button data therefore allowing us to become a smart grid exporter. This measurable export output is tokenized on the blockchain to create digital KWHCoin tokens that can be traded on our peer to peer network. The KHWCoin team headquartered in Wilmington, NC were the 2018 Regional Start up World Cup winners at the World Blockchain Summit held in Nairbori, Kenya.  For more information, please visit