VIA Wins $1.5M U.S. Air Force Contract

VIA, a leader in providing energy analytics while maintaining data privacy and security, is pleased to share that the company has been awarded a $1.5M contract with the U.S. Air Force to provide secure and privacy-protected analysis of data. Under the contract, VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain (TAC™) software platform will reduce the cost and increase the security and privacy of artificial intelligence and other data analysis.

TAC™ works by reversing the traditional relationship between analyst and data. Instead of transmitting a copy of sensitive data to an analyst, TAC™ brings an analyst’s algorithms in a controlled and auditable way to where data is located, runs analysis there, and returns only authorized answers back to the analyst. The underlying data is never revealed.

TAC™ also uses AI to wrangle and harmonize data to reduce data transformation costs. At a U.S. Air Force air base, the TAC™ Ingestion Engine (TIE) will be used to preprocess data. An audit trail will be created for all preprocessing steps including AI-enabled data wrangling, AI-enabled filtering of files for personally identifiable information (PII), and harmonizing of data from multiple sources.

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