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Welcome to our European hub, serving communities in Switzerland and beyond!

Switzerland is the leader in three areas core to VIA

Clean energy

Switzerland has legislation, a deadline, and active programs to move towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050. VIA’s mission is well-aligned to support the clean energy transition.

Data Privacy

Switzerland has the strongest reputation for data privacy. By being embedded in the Swiss network and being a leader in data privacy technologies, VIA’s platform is in a position to support any jurisdiction.


As one of the world’s first countries to enact crypto and blockchain legislation, Switzerland is an ideal location for VIA to lead blockchain initiatives.

Our partners

Our Swiss team

Global CEO and Swiss Board Director

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Swiss Board Advisor

Swiss Board Advisor

Global COO and Swiss Board Director

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Learn how Web3 Multi-Party Computation (formerly known as Trusted Analytics Chain™) enables secure control of any combination of data sources and analysis among multiple collaborators.


Last updated: May 2023


Learn how analysts, planners, and decision makers can incentivize energy consumers to improve grid flexibility.


Last updated: November 2022

What industry experts are saying

“Switzerland is a world leader in innovation, bridging the public and private sector in cutting edge technologies from AI, drones, robotics to the blockchain. We are excited to attract and foster deeply technical Web3 companies, like VIA, who are focused on nationally important issues like energy.”

“VIA has had a long standing commitment to Switzerland. We’ve appreciated their active participation at the Energy Data Hackdays event for three consecutive years. With energy challenges growing daily, VIA’s expansion in Switzerland couldn’t come at a better time.”

“The clean energy industry has carved out a place in Switzerland, which in turn is providing strong impetus for growth. Given its mission to drive the adoption of clean energy, and leadership in the energy data privacy sector, VIA is warmly welcomed to our business ecosystem.”

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VIA in the news

From Zug to Davos: A whirlwind week in Switzerland

In January, team members from VIA traveled to Switzerland to meet with government, energy, and auto industry leaders. Not to mention, CEO Colin Gounden, participated on an AI and blockchain panel alongside senior executives from UBS and Accenture in Davos.

Why Switzerland?

VIA and Switzerland share many things in common. Read our latest blog to learn what makes us the perfect pair.