Meet the Team: Sam Cruickshank, Market Strategy Specialist

Meet Sam Cruickshank, Market Strategy Specialist at VIA. We asked Sam about his favorite memory at VIA to date, the customer success story he has found most exciting, and so much more!

Meet the Team: Dominique Steneker, Software Developer

Meet Dominique (Dom) Steneker, Software Developer at VIA. We asked Dom about her day-to-day, favorite VIA memory, and everything in between. Bonus: Dom gives her top picks for books and podcasts!

Mastery Monday: Top burning questions about VIA’s Web3 solution, answered!

You’ve asked great questions. We’re sharing some of the more frequent ones we hear and providing our answers in a series of Monday Mastery blogs, starting today!

The Merge and what it means for clean energy

At last, Ethereum is changing to Proof-of-Stake. With power blackouts and electricity prices skyrocketing, the timing couldn't be better. Read on to learn why this is critical for the energy sector.

War, weather, and waning infrastructure: The urgent need for community-led grid resiliency

A rise in the frequency and severity of extreme events are impacting the reliability of the electric grid. As summer comes to a close and we face the winter ahead, there is an urgent need to get consumers to actively participate in programs to reduce energy consumption. Read how Web3 can play a major role here.

Transformer Tuesday: Battling brain drain

The ninth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series highlights how GDAC™ expands transformer health knowledge across utility personnel in order to mitigate gaps caused by employee retirement and turnover.

Open Source Monday: zk-SNARKs for Meter Data

Your data tells the story of your life. This week, we demo a mathematical proof called zk-SNARK (an emerging Web3 standard) for energy data. This proof enables energy consumers to profit from their data while keeping their identities completely anonymous.

The BIG (but hidden) deal in the Inflation Reduction Act and other upcoming regulations

The Inflation Reduction Act announced on Tuesday has the potential to add billions of dollars to consumers’ wallets and purses each year. Read our blog to discover where VIA’s solutions come into play.

Transformer Tuesday: A Reflection of the 2022 Cooperative Technologies Conference & Expo

The eighth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will cover insights from last week’s 2022 Cooperative Technologies Conference & Expo hosted by North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives.

Transformer Tuesday: Accurately Prioritize Transformer Replacements with GDAC™

The seventh installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities make smarter decisions, based on a holistic view of their fleet, when it comes to transformer replacement planning.

Transformer Tuesday: Anticipating EV Charging Challenges Facing Transformers

For the sixth installment of our blog series, “Transformer Tuesday,” we cover the ways electric vehicles (EVs) are challenging the condition of transformers and how GDAC™ can help.

Values, Mission, Diversity, and … Pull Requests!

Balancing directness and respect in a remote world is challenging. Read our blog to hear the tools VIA uses every day to help.

Transformer Tuesday: Using GDAC™ to Learn from a Trailblazing Utility

In this latest installment of Transformer Tuesday, we’re highlighting the value one of our GDAC™ members brings to the collaborative.

Transformer Tuesday: Be Better Prepared Through Collaboration

The fourth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities be better prepared to anticipate transformer condition changes and ensure reliability for customers.

Transformer Tuesday: Overcoming Barriers to Collaborative Learning

The third installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities with the challenges of limited data.