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Blockchain for Europe and IOTA Foundation feature VIA’s Web3 solutions in recent report

This comprehensive report covers the ways organizations are using blockchain to support global sustainability efforts.

VIA announces 10th patent granted in January 2023

This month we are celebrating our 10th patent grant in less than two years. We’re delighted to have our Web3 and data privacy innovations recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

GreenBiz highlights VIA CEO’s insights about electric vehicles

We are kicking off the new year with some 2023 decarbonization predictions from energy transportation experts including VIA’s CEO featured in an article published by GreenBiz.

DataDrivenInvestor highlights Tech on Reg podcast interview with VIA CEO Colin Gounden

Tech on Reg podcast host, Dara Tarkowski, breaks down the key points from a recent interview with VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden for DataDrivenInvestor.

Swiss podcast Insider’s Guide to Energy interviews VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden to talk blockchain and energy

Insider’s Guide to Energy hosts, Chris Saas and Johan Oberg, interview VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden to discuss blockchain, data security, and managing a global team.

Decrypted Unscripted interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden for recent podcast

Decrypted Unscripted hosts David and Deb interview VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden to talk about VIA’s mission, Zero Knowledge Proofs, and everything in between!

Nasdaq’s streaming show, TradeTalks, interviews VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden

Jill Malandrino of Nasdaq’s TradeTalks interviews VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden, for his expertise on Web3, blockchain, the U.S. DOD, and clean energy.

Authority Magazine Declares “The Future is Now” in Interview with VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden

Authority Magazine selected VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden for an interview to discuss the importance of Web3.

InsideHook Highlights VIA CEO Colin Gounden’s Insights About Web3

Colin Gounden describes one of the key advantages of Web3 in this article published by InsideHook.

GreenTech National Funding Lab in Oklahoma Selects VIA for Clean Energy Program

The highly selective program will help VIA bring clean energy solutions to Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Swiss Cognitive, World-Leading AI Network Selects VIA for Guest Article

VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden wrote a guest article for the publication that covered blockchain’s role in the transition to clean energy.

Tech on Reg Interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden for Podcast on Decentralizing the Energy Industry

Dara Tarkowski of Tech on Reg and VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden discuss the intersection of blockchain and the transition to clean energy during this captivating podcast episode.

VIA’s Joe Babiec and Advisor General Tom Blackstock Participate in 3-Day JETC Conference

VIA’s SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Joe Babiec and Advisor, General Tom Blackstock, participated in 3-Day JETC Conference that included a moderated panel discussion and exhibit hall participation.

Colin Gounden Joins Wharton’s Sarah Hammer for Conversation about AI, Blockchain, and Clean Energy

Sarah Hammer of The Wharton School chats with VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden about the crypto space and how it relates to clean energy.

That Tech Pod Interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden

VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden talks about the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies when it comes to data accessibility.