DIU Spotlights VIA in Cybersecurity Awareness Month Exclusive

As part of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) published a blog post that featured recent DIU projects, and included an exclusive interview with VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden. The post dives into the cyber threat challenges facing the DoD and spotlights how tech innovators like VIA are addressing these issues.

The blog post, authored by Patrick Gould, Director of DIU’s Cyber and Telecoms (C&T) Portfolio, shared that a challenge was solicited in Fall 2022 seeking a strategic partnership that would leverage blockchain and other Web3 technologies. VIA’s software solution was selected for our quantum-resistant encryption and zero-knowledge proofs, reinforcing both data security and enabling quick access to essential mission data.

In the interview, filmed at VIA’s HQ in Somerville, MA, VIA’s Colin Gounden and DIU’s Jonathan Rogers talked about the ways blockchain, data security, and decentralization are critical to improved cybersecurity. Colin also touches on the impressive speed and ease of working with DIU. Check out the video below:

For the full blog post that provides more detail on our project with DIU, visit their website.