VIA Insights Market™

Leave your data where it is. We’ll bring the AI to you.

VIA Insights Market™ enables power companies to test and acquire AI and other analytical services faster and more securely than any other alternative.

Power providers tell us all the time that they want to use AI, but data is the barrier. Data is either in the wrong format, in too many locations, or regulated by privacy and security policies.

This is why we built VIA Insights Market™: to help power providers overcome these data challenges and start gaining insights. 

Powered by VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™), Insights Market™ has a catalog of models available for power providers to choose from like load forecasting and anomaly detection, all developed by leading academic researchers. Once selected, the Insights Market™ automatically transforms data to the right format, ensures that it is cybersecure and regulatory compliant, then the power provider runs the model local to them.

And, just like that, problem solved!