Disruptor Daily Interview’s Colin Gounden for Blockchain in Energy Series

Colin Gounden sat down with Emilia Picco of Disruptor Daily, a publication that delivers the latest trends in blockchain, to talk about how VIA uses blockchain technology to help transform the energy sector.

At the start of the interview, Colin explained the reason VIA developed its blockchain application, TAC™, and its best use case:

“Some companies had too little data, some didn’t have clean data, some had a lot of data but not in any single location, and some were unable to share it due to security concerns. That’s when we had the idea to develop our blockchain application, Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™)…

…In recent months, we’ve taken our efforts with TAC™ a step further and built the foundation for the Global Data Asset Collaborative™ (GDAC™). GDAC™ is the first privacy preserving, multi-company database for machine learning-ready transformer data, which has been created on top of our TAC™ software. As an analogy, GDAC™: Transformers is like an app on our “TAC™ app store”.


At the end of the interview, Colin talks about where he sees VIA in the next five years:

“We see VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain™ as the go-to solution for both utilities / network operators and AI analysts alike. For utilities, they can become part of GDAC™ (which uses TAC™ as the underlying software) to have their data analyzed to get more accurate predictions about their equipment. For analysts, since it’s hard to access robust data like that of utilities, TAC™ will be the go-to software to solve high value, super interesting problems like those related to grid resiliency.”

For the full interview, check out Disruptor Daily’s website.