InsideHook Highlights VIA CEO Colin Gounden’s Insights About Web3

Kirk Miller of InsideHook took a deep dive into Web3 in his latest article, “The Answers to All Your Not-So-Stupid Questions About Web 3.0”. Through expert interviews, the article delivers insights including how Web3 will change our day-to-day to the kinds of companies that will thrive in this new environment.

VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden, gave his thoughts on the power of Web3:

“In 2004, James Surowiecki published a book called The Wisdom of Crowds — the basic premise is that many non-experts are smarter than a few experts,” says Colin Gounden, CEO of VIA, a blockchain-based Web3 platform for privacy-protected data analysis. “Surowiecki had collected incredible and well-researched examples ranging from guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar at a county fair to locating a lost U.S. Navy submarine. Businesses that are willing to leverage Web3 to harness the wisdom of crowds rather than rely on the expertise of a few are going to benefit the most from Web3.”

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