Blockchain for Europe and IOTA Foundation feature VIA’s Web3 solutions in recent report

This comprehensive report covers the ways organizations are using blockchain to support global sustainability efforts.

Top Burning Questions Q5: Where would I use a “Credentials Wallet?”

Wallets aren't just for cryptocurrency transactions. We walk through an example of how an equipment manufacturer can utilize a wallet to digitally sign, speed up authorization, and build trust - all with Department of Defense-level cybersecurity.

Meet the Team: Yousuf LaHaye, Software Developer

Meet Yousuf LaHaye, Software Developer at VIA. We asked Yousuf about his typical day, the potential of our Web3 technologies, and why you should consider a career at VIA! He also shares his experience with the VXP Program.

Top Burning Questions Q4: Why does VIA have its own blockchain?

In this Mastery Monday, we go over what makes VIAsecurechain different from all the other blockchains: it was imperative not only to use blockchain, but to build the world’s first blockchain accredited by the U.S. Department of Defense.

VIA announces 10th patent granted in January 2023

This month we are celebrating our 10th patent grant in less than two years. We’re delighted to have our Web3 and data privacy innovations recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

GreenBiz highlights VIA CEO’s insights about electric vehicles

We are kicking off the new year with some 2023 decarbonization predictions from energy transportation experts including VIA’s CEO featured in an article published by GreenBiz.

VIA’s 2022 Highlights in 60 Seconds -
How the VIA values shaped our 2022

Last year we wrote that 2022 would be all about scale - and it surely was. In this blog, we reflect on VIA’s milestones and how our VIA values guided us throughout this year.

The year in Switzerland:
highlights of mission-driven initiatives in 2022

Take a look back through 2022 in this visual reflection of all things VIA that happened in Switzerland. Spoiler alert: it was an eventful year!

Top Burning Questions Q3: What do cryptocurrencies have to do with data privacy?

Cryptocurrency - what does it have to do with data privacy? You’ve asked great questions. For the third installment of your top burning questions series, we discuss the crypto in cryptocurrency.

Top Burning Questions Q2: Why do we work with the DoD, and what does it mean to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation?

You ask great questions. You deserve great answers. For the second installment of your top burning questions series, we’re sharing why we work with the U.S. Department of Defense and what it means to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation.

Meet the Team: Will Chapman, Energy Solutions Lead

Meet Will Chapman, Energy Solutions Lead at VIA. We asked Will about his proudest accomplishment, VIA’s exciting new Web3 technologies and much more!

DataDrivenInvestor highlights Tech on Reg podcast interview with VIA CEO Colin Gounden

Tech on Reg podcast host, Dara Tarkowski, breaks down the key points from a recent interview with VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden for DataDrivenInvestor.

Meet the Team: Santiago Vázquez Enríquez, Senior DevOps Specialist

Meet Santiago Vázquez Enríquez, Senior DevOps Specialist at VIA. We asked Santiago about his favorite VIA memory, his proudest accomplishment, how he balances work and being a busy dad, and so much more!

Meet the Team: Maria Cesarini, Data Specialist

Meet Maria Cesarini, Data Specialist at VIA. We asked Maria how she maintains a good work-life harmony, some of her favorite VIA memories, her go-to podcasts, and more!

Swiss podcast Insider’s Guide to Energy interviews VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden to talk blockchain and energy

Insider’s Guide to Energy hosts, Chris Saas and Johan Oberg, interview VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden to discuss blockchain, data security, and managing a global team.