Meet the Team: Emma Fechney, Senior Lead, People and Operations

Meet our Senior Lead, People and Operations, Emma Fechney! Emma talks about her biggest accomplishment at VIA so far and a potential side career for our team.

Meet the Team: John Muddle, Team Lead, Data Science

Meet John Muddle, VIA's Team Lead, Data Science. John walks us through a typical day for him at VIA and just how his favorite sandwich, the bacon butty, should be enjoyed!

The End of Pilot Purgatory

Andrew Bright, former ABB executive and VIA’s newest advisor, provides commentary on one of VIA’s latest products, GDAC™ Transformers: 30-Minute Pilot.

Meet the Team: Antoine Dozois, Software Developer

For the launch of our Meet the Team blog series, we are interviewing Antoine Dozois, a software developer at VIA.

VIA Selected as a Finalist for EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs Challenge

As part of being a finalist in the program, VIA will participate in Challenge Pitch Day in the beginning of April.

VIA Files Over 10 Patents for Trusted Analytics Chain™

The patents cover a range of capabilities from homomorphic encryption, streamlining data access provisionment, and distributed computing approaches, among others.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Multiple AI Specialists

In this blog, learn how TAC™ reduces time, cost, and privacy risks of working with AI specialists.

VIA Participates in NPPD's Annual Innovation Showcase

Colin Gounden traveled to the Aurora Open & Innovation Showcase to give students and the community a glimpse into working for a technology startup.

VIA Awarded Funding by MassCEC

MassCEC's InnovateMass program awarded VIA funding for a behind the meter energy storage project.

Andrew Bright Joins VIA Advisory Board

Andrew brings nearly 25 years of experience in the sustainable energy and transportation sectors to VIA and will play a significant role in helping the company mature into a power industry leader.

VIA Earns Spot on the 2020 Global Cleantech 100

Out of thousands of innovators from across the globe, VIA was selected as a Cleantech 100 company in 2020.

VIA Included in Tracxn's "Top Emerging Blockchain Startups" List

Out of the 11.5K blockchain startups across the globe, VIA has been selected by Tracxn as an emerging leader in this sector.

Thank you, 2019. Now, let’s do this 2020!

2019 was a milestone year for VIA: we launched GDAC™, spoke at events across the globe, and expanded the VIA community.

GDAC™ Ability to Increase ROI for Utilities Featured in T&D World

The article discusses changes to the energy landscape and how VIA is helping utilities through its GDAC™ program.

Understanding How EV Charging Behavior Affects Distribution Networks

At VIA, we are beginning to see that transformers are stressed by the switch to EVs. Our focus is finding ways to keep these assets healthy.