VIA Moves Technology Team from Griffintown to Purpose-Built Center in Downtown Montreal

The new office space will better suit VIA's growth and appeal to the academic and technical community in Montreal by creating dedicated space to host future events and meetups.

VIA Hosts First Installment of GDAC™ Virtual Mini-Series

VIA was proud to host the first session of its GDAC™ Virtual Mini-Series with over 20 participants.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Models for Private Data Service

TAC™’s MPD service makes machine learning models available for download and easy incorporation into data science workflows.

VIA’s TAC™ Simultaneously Runs on Multiple Cloud Platforms

VIA TAC™ platform has the ability to run on multiple cloud infrastructures including AWS, AWS GovCloud (US), and Azure.

Need a laugh?

Hear all the funny remote moments from the team at VIA.

Meet the Team: Annvie Nguyen, UX Designer

Meet our fabulous UX Designer, Annvie Nguyen! Annvie talks about her proudest accomplishment at VIA and some of the shenanigans that take place at our holiday parties!

Working Remotely? Us too!

See what we look forward to each day!

Tracxn Includes VIA in "Top Renewable Energy Tech" List

VIA is proud to be featured as one of the "9 most promising Renewable Energy Tech startups from across the world" according to research by Tracxn.

Kate Ravanis Interviewed for Profile of a Founder Blog

Kate gives some insight on how VIA got its start, challenges along the way, and what the future holds for the company.

The Tech Tribune Includes VIA in 2020 Best Tech Startups in Somerville

VIA is one of eight tech startups considered the best in Somerville.

Meet the Team: Emma Fechney, Senior Lead, People and Operations

Meet our Senior Lead, People and Operations, Emma Fechney! Emma talks about her greatest accomplishment at VIA so far and a potential side career for our team.

Meet the Team: John Muddle, Team Lead, Data Science

Meet John Muddle, VIA's Team Lead, Data Science. John walks us through a typical day for him at VIA and just how his favorite sandwich, the bacon butty, should be enjoyed!

The End of Pilot Purgatory

Andrew Bright, former ABB executive and VIA’s newest advisor, provides commentary on one of VIA’s latest products, GDAC™ Transformers: 30-Minute Pilot.

Meet the Team: Antoine Dozois, Software Developer

For the launch of our Meet the Team blog series, we are interviewing Antoine Dozois, a software developer at VIA.

VIA Selected as a Finalist for EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs Challenge

As part of being a finalist in the program, VIA will participate in Challenge Pitch Day in the beginning of April.