GreenTech National Funding Lab in Oklahoma Selects VIA for Clean Energy Program

The highly selective program will help VIA bring clean energy solutions to Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Swiss Cognitive, World-Leading AI Network Selects VIA for Guest Article

VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden wrote a guest article for the publication that covered blockchain’s role in the transition to clean energy.

Mastery Monday: Why You Should Care About Zero-Knowledge Proofs

For the second installment of “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re sharing two excellent explanations of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and why the concept is critical to our world today.

Tech on Reg Interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden for Podcast on Decentralizing the Energy Industry

Dara Tarkowski of Tech on Reg and VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden discuss the intersection of blockchain and the transition to clean energy during this captivating podcast episode.

Open Source Monday: Homomorphic Encryption Meets NFT

For this week’s Open Source Monday, we are offering up a smart contract-based homomorphic encryption example.

Mastery Monday: Homomorphic Encryption

For the first installment of our new blog series, “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re showing you how homomorphic encryption works in under 4 minutes.

VIA’s Joe Babiec and Advisor General Tom Blackstock Participate in 3-Day JETC Conference

VIA’s SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Joe Babiec and Advisor, General Tom Blackstock, participated in 3-Day JETC Conference that included a moderated panel discussion and exhibit hall participation.

Colin Gounden Joins Wharton’s Sarah Hammer for Conversation about AI, Blockchain, and Clean Energy

Sarah Hammer of The Wharton School chats with VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden about the crypto space and how it relates to clean energy.

Open Source Monday: How to Spot Malware in Your NFT

NFTs have grown in popularity. And, so has attaching malware to them. Read our blog to learn more about how you can make the NFT community safer using VIA’s open-source code.

That Tech Pod Interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden

VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden talks about the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies when it comes to data accessibility.

Why Switzerland?

VIA and Switzerland share many things in common. Read our latest blog to learn what makes us the perfect pair.

Swiss Ambassador Markus Börlin Interviews VIA CEO Colin Gounden

CEO Colin Gounden gives an in-depth overview of VIA’s technologies and the many reasons why VIA opened an office in Switzerland.

EPRI Tests VIA Data Privacy Platform Through Independent Evaluation Process

VIA successfully completed an independent validation of key data privacy protection features of its blockchain-based software platform.

Three Years Running: VIA Again Named to Tech Tribune’s Best Tech Startups List

For the third year in a row, VIA was named to Tech Tribune’s Best Tech Startups in Somerville list.

U.S. Department of Defense Selects VIA for Seventh Contract

VIA expands its work with the U.S. Air Force through a new JARVIS™ contract to support Air Mobility Command.