Meet the Team: Dominique Steneker, Software Developer

Meet Dominique (Dom) Steneker, Software Developer at VIA. We asked Dom about her day-to-day, favorite VIA memory, and everything in between. Bonus: Dom gives her top picks for books and podcasts!

The Merge and what it means for clean energy

At last, Ethereum is changing to Proof-of-Stake. With power blackouts and electricity prices skyrocketing, the timing couldn't be better. Read on to learn why this is critical for the energy sector.

Transformer Tuesday: Battling brain drain

The ninth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series highlights how GDAC™ expands transformer health knowledge across utility personnel in order to mitigate gaps caused by employee retirement and turnover.

Open Source Monday: zk-SNARKs for Meter Data

Your data tells the story of your life. This week, we demo a mathematical proof called zk-SNARK (an emerging Web3 standard) for energy data. This proof enables energy consumers to profit from their data while keeping their identities completely anonymous.