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Learn about VIA’s thoughts on Web3, what a VIAneer's day-to-day is like, and how our mission is shaping the energy industry.

Top Burning Questions Q5: Where would I use a “Credentials Wallet?”

Wallets aren't just for cryptocurrency transactions. We walk through an example of how an equipment manufacturer can utilize a wallet to digitally sign, speed up authorization, and build trust - all with Department of Defense-level cybersecurity.

Top Burning Questions Q4: Why does VIA have its own blockchain?

In this Mastery Monday, we go over what makes VIAsecurechain different from all the other blockchains: it was imperative not only to use blockchain, but to build the world’s first blockchain accredited by the U.S. Department of Defense.

VIA’s 2022 Highlights in 60 Seconds -
How the VIA values shaped our 2022

Last year we wrote that 2022 would be all about scale - and it surely was. In this blog, we reflect on VIA’s milestones and how our VIA values guided us throughout this year.

Top Burning Questions Q3: What do cryptocurrencies have to do with data privacy?

Cryptocurrency - what does it have to do with data privacy? You’ve asked great questions. For the third installment of your top burning questions series, we discuss the crypto in cryptocurrency.

Top Burning Questions Q2: Why do we work with the DoD, and what does it mean to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation?

You ask great questions. You deserve great answers. For the second installment of your top burning questions series, we’re sharing why we work with the U.S. Department of Defense and what it means to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation.

Mastery Monday: Extra! Excerpt! 90 second summary of VIA CEO’s presentation at Chainlink SmartCon 2022

Did you attend SmartCon 2022? If not, have no fear! VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden gives a 90 second recap of his talk at the event in this Mastery Monday blog post.

Top Burning Questions Q1: What’s the connection between the DoD and Web3?

You’ve asked great questions. We’re sharing some of the more frequent ones we hear and providing our answers in a series of Monday Mastery blogs, starting today!

The Merge and what it means for clean energy

At last, Ethereum is changing to Proof-of-Stake. With power blackouts and electricity prices skyrocketing, the timing couldn't be better. Read on to learn why this is critical for the energy sector.

Open Source Monday: zk-SNARKs for Meter Data

Your data tells the story of your life. This week, we demo a mathematical proof called zk-SNARK (an emerging Web3 standard) for energy data. This proof enables energy consumers to profit from their data while keeping their identities completely anonymous.

Values, Mission, Diversity, and … Pull Requests!

Balancing directness and respect in a remote world is challenging. Read our blog to hear the tools VIA uses every day to help.

Open Source Monday: Zero-Knowledge Proofs

For this week’s Open Source Monday, you’ll see and have access to a code-based example (Github + video) of ZKPs applied in a clean energy context.

Mastery Monday: Why You Should Care About Zero-Knowledge Proofs

For the second installment of “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re sharing two excellent explanations of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and why the concept is critical to our world today.

Open Source Monday: Homomorphic Encryption Meets NFT

For this week’s Open Source Monday, we are offering up a smart contract-based homomorphic encryption example.

Mastery Monday: Homomorphic Encryption

For the first installment of our new blog series, “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re showing you how homomorphic encryption works in under 4 minutes.

Open Source Monday: How to Spot Malware in Your NFT

NFTs have grown in popularity. And, so has attaching malware to them. Read our blog to learn more about how you can make the NFT community safer using VIA’s open-source code.