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Mastery Monday: Top burning questions about VIA’s Web3 solution, answered!

You’ve asked great questions. We’re sharing some of the more frequent ones we hear and providing our answers in a series of Monday Mastery blogs, starting today!

The Merge and what it means for clean energy

At last, Ethereum is changing to Proof-of-Stake. With power blackouts and electricity prices skyrocketing, the timing couldn't be better. Read on to learn why this is critical for the energy sector.

War, weather, and waning infrastructure: The urgent need for community-led grid resiliency

A rise in the frequency and severity of extreme events are impacting the reliability of the electric grid. As summer comes to a close and we face the winter ahead, there is an urgent need to get consumers to actively participate in programs to reduce energy consumption. Read how Web3 can play a major role here.

The BIG (but hidden) deal in the Inflation Reduction Act and other upcoming regulations

The Inflation Reduction Act announced on Tuesday has the potential to add billions of dollars to consumers’ wallets and purses each year. Read our blog to discover where VIA’s solutions come into play.

Why Switzerland?

VIA and Switzerland share many things in common. Read our latest blog to learn what makes us the perfect pair.
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Rock Science: How Van Halen Invented Smart Contracts

Van Halen's music defined a genre (and a generation), but their impact reaches much further than the music world. In fact, you could argue Van Halen’s reach extends even into the blockchain boom we’re seeing today. How so? Well, Van Halen sort of invented the smart contract.