Let’s TAC™ About It: TAC™: So, what’s it good for?

For the eleventh installment of our blog series, we will cover how utilities are using TAC™ and all of its new features. So, are you ready to TAC™ about it?

Careful readers of our Let’s TAC™ About It blog series will note that VIA has announced nine new features in the past 14 weeks. 

A valid question is what are utilities doing with all of these features?

For starters, utilities are increasing clean energy adoption.

The transition to reliable clean energy requires utilities to share more data with third parties such as other utilities, distributed energy resource providers, and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure companies.

Many utilities, however, have yet to find efficient processes to make this data sharing possible. Utilities complain that current processes are often slow and manual or outright deny third parties access to data.

TAC™ features such as k-anonymity enable utilities to meet regulator data privacy and security requirements and also efficiently work with:

  • battery storage providers
  • distributed energy resource companies
  • EV infrastructure providers 
  • microgrid developers

The result is faster and better asset planning and increased readiness for clean energy technologies. In fact, some of VIA’s customers are reporting that their time saved ranges from one person-month to a year faster.

Interested in learning more? Write to info@solvewithvia.com for a more detailed case study regarding the benefits and use cases of TAC™.