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U.S. Department of Energy’s national lab concludes VIA’s software has the potential to become the industry standard to help EV fleet managers meet decarbonization goals

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research lab, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), known for their nationwide leadership in electric vehicle (EV) batteries and extensive multi-decade research on charger reliability, conducted a rigorous evaluation of VIA’s carbon tracking proofs and confirmed it has the ability to become an industry standard in helping EV fleet managers meet decarbonization goals.

In a recently published article by INL, “The proof is in the software,” INL’s team discussed in detail how the evaluation reviewed VIA’s mathematics (zero-knowledge proofs), code, and working software, and concluded:

The mathematical approach and the software worked, and it has potential to become an industry standard for providing credible, verifiable, and privacy-sensitive carbon data.

The DOE is interested in cyber secure ways of verifying data used to accelerate the transition to clean energy. INL was appointed by the DOE as the laboratory of choice to evaluate how well VIA’s software works to verify sensitive carbon data during charging events without revealing private data such as EV charging time, date, location, and owner. Speaking of the process, VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden said:

Working with INL on this evaluation was an exceptional experience for us at VIA. Not only did they have expertise in zero-knowledge proofs, they asked thoughtful questions and were very responsive. Validating that VIA has the potential to become one of the most trusted sources for verifying carbon data while keeping information private and secure, has been invaluable.

VIA is currently working with large fleets in the U.S. and Switzerland, totaling more than 54,000 vehicles. VIA aims to expand the number of fleets to help EV managers worldwide meet their decarbonization goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the DOE evaluation, carbon verification, or how we can help your team achieve decarbonization goals, contact us!

VIA showcased during GAI Insights’ Learning Lab live stream

GAI Insights, an analyst firm helping AI Leaders achieve results with GenAl, invited VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden as a special guest on their Learning Lab series. The weekly series covers use cases of GenAI and showcases new and exciting projects in the space.

After meeting at MIT as judges of a recent competition, Paul Baier, the CEO and principal analyst at GAI Insights, asked Colin to come on the weekly series to discuss the technologies VIA is using, more specifically, Mistral, and give a demo of VIA’s askJARVIS application.

During Colin’s portion of the nearly 60 minute session, he gives an overview of VIA’s mission and how that shaped where our company is today in terms of data privacy:

“Data is often too restricted, too tightly held. As we started to work more with the Air Force, Space Force, and the Navy, it became evident that a lot of common visualization tools were good for unsecured data, but not at a high level of classification.”

Colin goes on to give a detailed, 26-minute demo of VIA’s askJARVIS application, which solves just that, visualizations for highly sensitive data. There were exceptional questions asked throughout the demo ranging from which LLM we use, GPUs vs. CPUs, and his expert opinion on this topic.

If GenAI for highly sensitive data is of interest to you, this is a recording you don’t want to miss. Watch the video below and also reach out to us to learn more at


DIU Spotlights VIA in Cybersecurity Awareness Month Exclusive

As part of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) published a blog post that featured recent DIU projects, and included an exclusive interview with VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden. The post dives into the cyber threat challenges facing the DoD and spotlights how tech innovators like VIA are addressing these issues.

The blog post, authored by Patrick Gould, Director of DIU’s Cyber and Telecoms (C&T) Portfolio, shared that a challenge was solicited in Fall 2022 seeking a strategic partnership that would leverage blockchain and other Web3 technologies. VIA’s software solution was selected for our quantum-resistant encryption and zero-knowledge proofs, reinforcing both data security and enabling quick access to essential mission data.

In the interview, filmed at VIA’s HQ in Somerville, MA, VIA’s Colin Gounden and DIU’s Jonathan Rogers talked about the ways blockchain, data security, and decentralization are critical to improved cybersecurity. Colin also touches on the impressive speed and ease of working with DIU. Check out the video below:

For the full blog post that provides more detail on our project with DIU, visit their website.

The Westly Group features VIA in recent ESG annual report

Last month, the Westly Group released their 2022 Annual ESG Report which featured ESG initiatives for all of its portfolio companies. VIA is proud to be included as a case study in this report (on page 23). The case study covers the ways VIA builds core values and inclusion into our company culture, supports critical infrastructure, and chooses mission-aligned customers and partners. Through our values and initiatives, VIA has created a strong, positive workplace:

At VIA, the team believes that a healthy workplace culture is not something that only one person at the company can drive – it needs to be cultivated by every team member from one-on-one settings to large groups. This approach has helped VIA create a close-knit, productive team that represents 20 different nationalities and speaks 14 languages. 

To read the full case study on VIA, see the Westly Group report. If you are interested in learning more about VIA’s company culture, visit our careers page or better yet, contact us!

Tracxn selects VIA for third time on top emerging companies list

For the third time in three years, Tracxn, a research company well known for “tracking innovative companies and emerging technologies” has recognized VIA as a top emerging company. This year and for the second time, VIA is honored to be featured in the “Emerging Startups of Renewable Energy Tech” list. Coined a “Minicorn,” VIA was selected out of more than 2.7K+ startups in the renewable energy tech space.

Certificate of Appreciation presented by Tracxn

If you would like to learn more about the ways VIA is supporting renewable energy and how we can help your company achieve goals in this area, contact us!

Harvard Belfer Center features VIA in recent report on insights from Blockchain for Impact Workshop

In late April, VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden was invited to present on a panel during a workshop at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Arts and International Affairs. The workshop, “Blockchain for Impact Workshop: Perspectives on International Development, Public Goods, and Regenerative Economy” brought together over thirty participants who are considered experts in Web3 to discuss the impact this technology is having today and what it will look like in the future.

After the event, the organizers put together a comprehensive report on all of the findings from the workshop. Colin’s panel, “Collaborative Futures” is included in the six page report, where he spoke alongside Cara LaPointe of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy, Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, and Jared A. Favole, Senior Director of Policy & Communications at Circle (pictured below).

Picture courtesy of Blockchain for Impact Workshop

The panel stressed the need for collaboration across stakeholders to maximize the benefits of blockchain. Colin talked about the importance of preserving privacy while collaborating and how Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) play a role:

By utilizing ZKPs, VIA strives to address the challenge of preserving the privacy of sensitive data, which often hinders data owners from sharing information freely. The implementation of ZKPs helps facilitate secure and transparent collaboration among stakeholders, furthering the mission of creating positive social and environmental impact.

Coming out of the event, is another! Colin has invited fellow panelist, Jared Favole, to VIA’s Somerville office for a talk on the intersection of blockchain and domestic and foreign policy. The chat will be live streamed on June 27, 2023 from 2:30 – 3:15pm ET. To RSVP for the event, visit the LinkedIn event listing.

If you would like to speak directly with a member of our team about the ways we can help your organization collaborate using Web3, contact us!

Blockchain for Europe and IOTA Foundation feature VIA’s Web3 solutions in recent report

Blockchain for Europe, a members-only organization that serves “companies driving innovation, integrity, and empowerment through blockchain,” partnered with IOTA Foundation, a non-profit that develops next generation protocols, to write a comprehensive report on the ways blockchain is supporting global sustainability efforts.

The report titled, “An Overview of Blockchain for Climate Action and Sustainability,” includes VIA’s Web3 solutions in a section that covers global climate change initiatives. The authors discuss Skylight and a more recent initiative for EVs:

VIA’s Web3 platform will then also allow verification of the fuel mix of the charge and discharge of EV batteries, incorporating VIA’s zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to maintain the privacy of sensitive data that currently creates friction for the data owner in the decision to share this information.

For the full report and details written about VIA’s Skylight and ZKPs application for EVs, visit the Blockchain for Europe website. If you would like to speak directly with a member of our team about the ways we can help your organization using Web3, contact us!