Emphasizes Potential of GDAC (B.E.G.), considered one of the “fastest-growing bitcoin and blockchain media outlets on the Internet”, recently shared details of VIA and Vector’s GDAC™ announcement, and describes how it will help energy companies improve operations:

“The fact that this collaboration has VIA means that GDAC™ will be AI-based. And indeed it is at its core given that when it’s finally rolled out, GDAC™ will help power distribution corporations leverage Artificial Intelligence to foretell imminent power faults. Essentially, it will help them take a proactive approach when managing electricity transformers.

AI will also allow the company to conduct regular maintenance works on transformers safely and with greater precision. This way, the company will achieve significant operational efficiencies and subsequently deliver better services for its clients.”

For the full article titled “New Global Data Asset Collaborative (GDAC™) by VIA and Vector for Energy Transformer Data,” please visit their website.