Swiss Cognitive, World-Leading AI Network Selects VIA for Guest Article

Swiss Cognitive, World-Leading AI Network selected VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden, to share his point of view on the relationship between clean energy and blockchain technologies. The importance of clean energy in today’s economy and VIA’s long-standing expertise in this area were the primary reasons VIA was invited to write on this topic for Swiss Cognitive’s readers. In the article, Colin talks about how the decentralization of energy through rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles has created the ideal environment for blockchain to achieve solutions in clean energy:

In a way, energy has evolved to become more adaptable to working with blockchain. Decentralization is at the core of Web3 and blockchain technologies – there are many players, in many locations, who interact but aren’t centrally controlled. As keen followers of energy and clean technologies will know, the last five years has seen an exponential increase in the decentralization of power.” – Colin Gounden, CEO of VIA

Colin’s guest article can be found on the Swiss Cognitive’s website.