VIA’s TAC™ Simultaneously Runs on Multiple Cloud Platforms

VIA is pleased to announce the first two customer implementations of its TAC™ platform on multiple cloud infrastructures including AWS, AWS GovCloud (US), and Azure and mixed cloud environments (e.g., DVM on Azure and TAC™ nodes on AWS). 

“In order to serve VIA’s growing customer base, we have to interoperate with all major cloud provider platforms including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. For companies to benefit from pooling their data together (like our GDAC™ program does), we need to be able to support the cloud platforms where their data is located,” said Jeremy Taylor, VIA’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“Unlike other platforms, TAC™ brings analysts’ queries to the data. This means that analysis needs to be run wherever the customer has their data which could include any of the major cloud providers or even on premise. TAC™’s capability to run on both AWS and Azure expands the number of datasets available to train and test AI models,” explained Ashley DaSilva, VIA’s Team Leader, Product Development. 

For continued developments on VIA’s TAC™ platform, be sure to see the latest on our website.