Switzerland’s Top Innovation Booster Grants VIA New Energy Project

VIA maintains Swiss market momentum with funding to impact country’s decarbonization goals

SOMERVILLE, Mass., November 18, 2021 — Continuing its track record for innovation in Switzerland, VIA, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) for data privacy, integration, and analysis, announced today that it has been awarded funding from the nation’s top innovation booster, Energy Lab. Developed in collaboration with research partner Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts (HSLU), the project, “Insights Marketplace – Powering Up Your Data for Decarbonisation,” was selected through a competitive judging process and is a testament to the company’s deepening impact on the Swiss energy market.

“Making a lasting impact on Switzerland’s clean energy transition goes beyond a single solution or technology. It requires the ongoing commitment of an entire community. We’re thrilled to be part of this innovation ecosystem, and our COO and Switzerland board member, Kate Ravanis, and I are looking forward to driving further collaboration with VIA Insights Market,” said VIA’s CEO, Colin Gounden, who will be also presenting the project at Energy Lab’s Un(Conference) on November 25, 2021, in Switzerland. The event will be another opportunity for an exchange of ideas and community building to commence.

The project highlights VIA Insights Market™, which debuted globally earlier this fall in Switzerland at Energy Data Hackdays in Brugg, Switzerland. VIA Insights Market enables power providers to test and acquire AI and other analytical services faster and more securely than any other alternative. By applying Insights Market to the problem, the need for repeated training of artificial intelligence (AI) models is reduced. At the same time, privacy and security are enhanced as the solution brings code to the data, removing the need for storage of data in multiple locations.

Sem Mattli, managing director of Switzerland Innovation Park Central, which facilitates the Energy Lab, added: “Collaboration is key to accelerating innovation. Through VIA Insights Market, researchers and companies alike can train and deploy AI models on data previously unavailable due to geographic or regulatory constraints while power companies maintain full confidentiality of their data. The application has the power to save Swiss utilities hundreds of hours in data integration costs, while building a bridge that enables distributed energy resources to be on the grid.”

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About VIA
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