Transformative Experiences at GDAC™ Virtual Mini-Series Session #2

VIA had a record attendance of nearly 30 participants at the second installment of its GDAC™ Virtual Mini-Series this week. The session included customers from the US, Asia, and New Zealand and participants located in four different time zones, all eager to share their strategy and asset management experience for substation transformers.

The highlight of the event was the GDAC™ member panel led by Cristiano Marantes, Chief Executive of Ara Ake, an organization that connects technology innovation with energy industry leaders to lower emissions in New Zealand. The panel covered questions related to: 

  1. Insights about post-failure analysis of transformers
  2. Value from GDAC™ member gas benchmarks
  3. Business cases supported by the GDAC™ member portal
  4. Future equipment data to include in the GDAC™ program

Kate Ravanis, COO, remarked that “it was highly reaffirming to hear that the GDAC™ portal, launched earlier this year, was already being used to save time (one “person month” in one case) to prepare asset management plans and rate case materials.” 

This was one of many comments by participants in addition to the engineering and maintenance insights that were shared over the 90-minute session.

VIA is thrilled with the response to the mini-series and will continue hosting member (and potential member) events in the future.

To learn more about the GDAC™ program or to try out the 30-Minute Pilot, visit our website.