VIA Receives U.S. Department of Defense Platform One Accreditation for Blockchain Core of Base Operations and Infrastructure Application

Company’s secure AI and data privacy protection platform upgrades to military-grade cybersecurity standards across DOD and commercial sectors


SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 13, 2021 VIA, the leading provider of secure AI and data privacy software, today announced that the core software containers that underpin its base operations and infrastructure application, JARVIS, have received Department of Defense (DOD) Platform One cybersecurity accreditation. The accreditation also upgrades VIA’s cybersecurity capabilities for its commercial and energy customers.

For nearly a year, multiple users at one of the largest U.S. expeditionary bases under U.S. Central Command have been using JARVIS, an application built on top of VIA’s blockchain core. A first user group leverages work order and predictive maintenance insights from JARVIS to protect more than 700 buildings (nearly eight million square feet) and 15,000 engineering systems such as HVAC, utilities, and plumbing. A second user group applies JARVIS’ AI and satellite imagery features to ensure mission readiness on roads and runways on the base. Since its installation, JARVIS has supported over $200 million in base operations decisions such as building construction and demolition. 

The blockchain core of VIA’s software allows sensitive data to be analyzed securely on premise, or on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) through Kubernetes clusters. All VIA containers use only services authorized on the AWS Secret and C2S Regions. The combination of full AWS C2S Region compatibility and Platform One accreditation enables VIA’s software to work with and analyze data up to the Top Secret U.S. security classification level (one above Impact Level 6 or IL-6). 

“VIA’s software platform has always enabled secure analysis of our customers’ data. Since the evolution of cybersecurity threats is accelerating, we believe that making a substantial investment to achieve and maintain Platform One accreditation is the best way to ensure VIA upholds the highest level of cybersecurity protection for our DOD and commercial customers,” said Joe Babiec, VIA’s senior vice president of strategic initiatives. “The accreditation gives DOD customers confidence that JARVIS can scale to improve mission readiness at bases and airfields globally. We are committed to meeting Platform One DevSecOps standards for VIA’s new and remaining containers.”

VIA’s commercial customers will also benefit from the cybersecurity upgrade. Smart city and infrastructure managers for roads, airports, and commercial buildings are increasingly the target of cybersecurity attacks. With Platform One accreditation, VIA uniquely enables infrastructure analysis, predictive maintenance, and maintenance optimization while meeting the latest in DOD-level cybersecurity standards.

“In mission critical environments where every second counts, we have to ensure that software and updates can deploy fast — in hours, not years — while maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity,” said Nicolas Chaillan, chief software officer of the U.S. Air Force and co-lead of the DOD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative. “Companies like VIA are key to delivering on this promise through continuous cybersecurity testing and fast deployment at any classification level across the DOD. We’re excited to welcome VIA onto Platform One, especially as AI and data privacy technologies remain among the DOD’s highest priority technologies.”

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