Wharton Selects VIA to Join Highly Competitive Blockchain Accelerator

VIA has an all-access pass to the club. The blockchain club. VIA is proud to be one of only 10 companies accepted into Cohort 1 of Wharton University’s Stevens Center Cypher Accelerator program. 

In this prestigious three-month program, VIA will work with the biggest names in blockchain such as Mark Cuban and Tim Draper. Together with direct feedback and coaching from powerhouse investors including Andresseen Horowitz, Bain Capital, Dexterity Capital, and Pantera Capital, VIA will work to advance the blockchain ecosystem alongside academics and other Stevens center experts.

“We’re excited to have so much one-on-one access to the leading thinkers and investors in blockchain,” VIA CEO Colin Gounden said. “While customers first started using our blockchain application in 2018, we only launched our own blockchain in 2021. This was driven by the cybersecurity requirements for our U.S. Department of Defense customers. We see the Wharton program as a way for VIA to sharpen our differentiation, accelerate our growth, and expand our market leadership position.”

To learn more about the Cypher Accelerator program, visit the Stevens Center website here.