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Q5: Where would I use an “Enterprise Wallet?”

Wallets aren't just for cryptocurrency transactions. We walk through an example of how an equipment manufacturer can utilize a wallet to digitally sign, speed up authorization, and build trust - all with Department of Defense-level cybersecurity.

Meet the Team: Yousuf LaHaye, Software Developer

Meet Yousuf LaHaye, Software Developer at VIA. We asked Yousuf about his typical day, the potential of our Web3 technologies, and why you should consider a career at VIA! He also shares his experience with the VXP Program.

Top Burning Questions Q4: Why does VIA have its own blockchain?

In this Mastery Monday, we go over what makes VIAsecurechain different from all the other blockchains: it was imperative not only to use blockchain, but to build the world’s first blockchain accredited by the U.S. Department of Defense.

VIA’s 2022 Highlights in 60 Seconds -
How the VIA values shaped our 2022

Last year we wrote that 2022 would be all about scale - and it surely was. In this blog, we reflect on VIA’s milestones and how our VIA values guided us throughout this year.

The year in Switzerland:
highlights of mission-driven initiatives in 2022

Take a look back through 2022 in this visual reflection of all things VIA that happened in Switzerland. Spoiler alert: it was an eventful year!

Top Burning Questions Q3: What do cryptocurrencies have to do with data privacy?

Cryptocurrency - what does it have to do with data privacy? You’ve asked great questions. For the third installment of your top burning questions series, we discuss the crypto in cryptocurrency.

Top Burning Questions Q2: Why do we work with the DoD, and what does it mean to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation?

You ask great questions. You deserve great answers. For the second installment of your top burning questions series, we’re sharing why we work with the U.S. Department of Defense and what it means to have a top secret cybersecurity accreditation.

Meet the Team: Will Chapman, Energy Solutions Lead

Meet Will Chapman, Energy Solutions Lead at VIA. We asked Will about his proudest accomplishment, VIA’s exciting new Web3 technologies and much more!

Meet the Team: Santiago Vázquez Enríquez, Senior DevOps Specialist

Meet Santiago Vázquez Enríquez, Senior DevOps Specialist at VIA. We asked Santiago about his favorite VIA memory, his proudest accomplishment, how he balances work and being a busy dad, and so much more!

Meet the Team: Maria Cesarini, Data Specialist

Meet Maria Cesarini, Data Specialist at VIA. We asked Maria how she maintains a good work-life harmony, some of her favorite VIA memories, her go-to podcasts, and more!

Meet the Team: Angelica Novoa, People and Operations Partner

Meet Angelica Novoa, People and Operations Partner at VIA. We asked Angelica about her typical day at work, the VXP program, her proudest accomplishments, and more!

Mastery Monday: Extra! Excerpt! 90 second summary of VIA CEO’s presentation at Chainlink SmartCon 2022

Did you attend SmartCon 2022? If not, have no fear! VIA’s CEO Colin Gounden gives a 90 second recap of his talk at the event in this Mastery Monday blog post.

Transformer Tuesday: How Annie the Asset Manager ensures reliable service for ABC Power customers

For the tenth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series we’re taking our dedicated readers along on a journey with Annie the Asset Manager from ABC Power as she discovers how to provide the stronger supporting evidence required to approve rate case changes.

Meet the Team: Sam Cruickshank, Market Strategy Specialist

Meet Sam Cruickshank, Market Strategy Specialist at VIA. We asked Sam about his favorite memory at VIA to date, the customer success story he has found most exciting, and so much more!

Meet the Team: Dominique Steneker, Software Developer

Meet Dominique (Dom) Steneker, Software Developer at VIA. We asked Dom about her day-to-day, favorite VIA memory, and everything in between. Bonus: Dom gives her top picks for books and podcasts!

Top Burning Questions Q1: What’s the connection between the DoD and Web3?

You’ve asked great questions. We’re sharing some of the more frequent ones we hear and providing our answers in a series of Monday Mastery blogs, starting today!

The Merge and what it means for clean energy

At last, Ethereum is changing to Proof-of-Stake. With power blackouts and electricity prices skyrocketing, the timing couldn't be better. Read on to learn why this is critical for the energy sector.

War, weather, and waning infrastructure: The urgent need for community-led grid resiliency

A rise in the frequency and severity of extreme events are impacting the reliability of the electric grid. As summer comes to a close and we face the winter ahead, there is an urgent need to get consumers to actively participate in programs to reduce energy consumption. Read how Web3 can play a major role here.

Transformer Tuesday: Battling brain drain

The ninth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series highlights how GDAC™ expands transformer health knowledge across utility personnel in order to mitigate gaps caused by employee retirement and turnover.

Open Source Monday: zk-SNARKs for Meter Data

Your data tells the story of your life. This week, we demo a mathematical proof called zk-SNARK (an emerging Web3 standard) for energy data. This proof enables energy consumers to profit from their data while keeping their identities completely anonymous.

The BIG (but hidden) deal in the Inflation Reduction Act and other upcoming regulations

The Inflation Reduction Act announced on Tuesday has the potential to add billions of dollars to consumers’ wallets and purses each year. Read our blog to discover where VIA’s solutions come into play.

Transformer Tuesday: A Reflection of the 2022 Cooperative Technologies Conference & Expo

The eighth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will cover insights from last week’s 2022 Cooperative Technologies Conference & Expo hosted by North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives.

Transformer Tuesday: Accurately Prioritize Transformer Replacements with GDAC™

The seventh installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities make smarter decisions, based on a holistic view of their fleet, when it comes to transformer replacement planning.

Transformer Tuesday: Anticipating EV Charging Challenges Facing Transformers

For the sixth installment of our blog series, “Transformer Tuesday,” we cover the ways electric vehicles (EVs) are challenging the condition of transformers and how GDAC™ can help.

Values, Mission, Diversity, and … Pull Requests!

Balancing directness and respect in a remote world is challenging. Read our blog to hear the tools VIA uses every day to help.

Transformer Tuesday: Using GDAC™ to Learn from a Trailblazing Utility

In this latest installment of Transformer Tuesday, we’re highlighting the value one of our GDAC™ members brings to the collaborative.

Transformer Tuesday: Be Better Prepared Through Collaboration

The fourth installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities be better prepared to anticipate transformer condition changes and ensure reliability for customers.

Transformer Tuesday: Overcoming Barriers to Collaborative Learning

The third installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities with the challenges of limited data.

Transformer Tuesday: Adapting to Supply Chain Constraints using GDAC™

The second installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how GDAC™ can help electric utilities with the challenges of today’s supply chain issues.

Transformer Tuesday: Tackling Inflationary Costs with GDAC™

The first installment of our “Transformer Tuesday” series will highlight how inflation is challenging electric utilities from a cost perspective and the ways GDAC™ can help.

Open Source Monday: Zero-Knowledge Proofs

For this week’s Open Source Monday, you’ll see and have access to a code-based example (Github + video) of ZKPs applied in a clean energy context.

Mastery Monday: Why You Should Care About Zero-Knowledge Proofs

For the second installment of “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re sharing two excellent explanations of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and why the concept is critical to our world today.

Open Source Monday: Homomorphic Encryption Meets NFT

For this week’s Open Source Monday, we are offering up a smart contract-based homomorphic encryption example.

Mastery Monday: Homomorphic Encryption

For the first installment of our new blog series, “Mastery Monday with VIA” we’re showing you how homomorphic encryption works in under 4 minutes.

Open Source Monday: How to Spot Malware in Your NFT

NFTs have grown in popularity. And, so has attaching malware to them. Read our blog to learn more about how you can make the NFT community safer using VIA’s open-source code.

Why Switzerland?

VIA and Switzerland share many things in common. Read our latest blog to learn what makes us the perfect pair.

The End of Pilot Purgatory

Andrew Bright, former ABB executive and VIA’s advisor, provides commentary on VIA’s GDAC™ Transformers: 3-Minute Pilot.

End of Year Reflection

In Part 3 of this reflection series, Colin Gounden highlights VIA’s accomplishments in 2021.

End of Year Reflection
Research and Technology

In Part 2 of this reflection series, Jeremy Taylor highlights VIA’s accomplishments in research and technology.

End of Year Reflection

Take a journey through 2021 in this three-part reflection series written by a variety of VIA’s leaders. Part 1 written by Kate Ravanis will highlight our team, the VIAneers.

Meet the Team: Felice Sicoli, Talent Acquisition Manager

Meet Felice Sicoli, Talent Acquisition Manager at VIA. Felice talks about what it was like joining VIA fully remote, a hiring process improvement he is most proud of introducing, and the one word he would use to describe VIA.

Meet the Team: Becky McClements, Market Strategy Specialist

Meet Becky McClements, Market Strategy Specialist at VIA. Becky talks about projects she works on as part of VIA’s business development team and something people might not know about working at VIA.

Meet the Team: Jonathan Chirwa, Software Developer

Meet Jonathan Chirwa, Software Developer at VIA. Jonathan talks about the creative ways the team is staying engaged while working remote and the latest "how-to" book he's reading.

End of Year Reflection

For our last post of 2020, we wanted to share a more personal note with our readers to talk about how grateful for the resiliency and flexibility our team has shown during this challenging year.

Let’s TAC™ About It: The Value of TAC™

In this post, we cover the three big benefits when choosing TAC™ over the "next best alternative".

Let’s TAC™ About It: TAC™: So, what’s it good for?

VIA has announced nine new features on TAC™ in the past 14 weeks. How are utilities using them? For starters, they are increasing clean energy adoption.

TAC™ White Paper Release: Balancing Data Owner Protection and Analyst Flexibility

VIA has released a new 10-page white paper that provides a comprehensive overview and code examples of TAC™’s current data privacy and security features.

Reversing the Curse: The 80 / 20 Split In AI Projects

Most AI projects spend 80% of time cleaning data and only 20% analyzing it. VIA has been investing heavily in using our own AI and software development skills to reverse this ratio.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Verified Templates: Balancing Security and Flexibility

For the tenth installment of the series, we will discuss how TAC™ contracts can control what kinds of queries an authorized analyst can ask of the data.

Let’s TAC™ About It: What's a Smart Contract?

For the ninth installment of the series, we will discuss how TAC™ uses smart contracts to govern data and analysis workflows.

Meet the Team: Natalie Winger, Data Specialist

Meet Natalie Winger, Data Specialist at VIA. Natalie talks about her experience joining VIA entirely remote and the funniest memory at VIA so far (spoiler: it includes a cat!).

Let’s TAC™ About It: 15/15

15/15 is a specific example of the k-anonymity privacy-preserving analytics feature that VIA recently released.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Ease of Use Upgrade

The latest release of VIA’s TAC™ platform is a leap forward in terms of simplicity and ease of use for users performing analysis on private data.

How VIA TAC™-kles Sensor Data

Many utilities are concerned about the responsibility that comes with sensor datasets. As a result, the data gets trapped. VIA’s software platform, TAC™ was designed to address these issues in power sector data.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Homomorphic Encryption Algorithms on TAC™ (HEAT)

VIA has implemented homomorphic encryption (HE), which is cryptography that holds the promise of allowing computations on data while it remains encrypted.

Let’s TAC™ About It: K-Anonymity

VIA has implemented a k-anonymity function to help utilities meet requirements of regulators including releasing data for clean energy initiatives and mandating increased information privacy and security requirements.

Let’s TAC™ About It: Digital Watermarking

Watermarking is a simple and automatic method to provide auditability to data.

Introducing SWEET: AI for Data Wrangling

SWEET stands for Smart Wrangling Engine for Extraction and Transformation. SWEET, a built-in function on VIA's TAC™ platform, uses AI to wrangle data.

Meet the Team: Ashley DaSilva, Team Leader, Product Development

Meet Ashley DaSilva, VIA's Team Leader, Product Development. Ashley talks about one of her passions outside of work and her favorite VIA memory (which happens to take place in the underground city of Montreal).

Let’s TAC™ About It: Models for Private Data Service

TAC™’s MPD service makes machine learning models available for download and easy incorporation into data science workflows.

Need a laugh?

Hear all the funny remote moments from the team at VIA.

Meet the Team: Annvie Nguyen, UX Designer

Meet our fabulous UX Designer, Annvie Nguyen! Annvie talks about her proudest accomplishment at VIA and some of the shenanigans that take place at our holiday parties!

Working Remotely? Us too!

See what we look forward to each day!

Meet the Team: Emma Fechney, Senior Lead, People and Operations

Meet our Senior Lead, People and Operations, Emma Fechney! Emma talks about her greatest accomplishment at VIA so far and a potential side career for our team.

Meet the Team: John Muddle, Team Lead, Data Science

Meet John Muddle, VIA's Team Lead, Data Science. John walks us through a typical day for him at VIA and just how his favorite sandwich, the bacon butty, should be enjoyed!

Meet the Team: Antoine Dozois, Software Developer

For the launch of our Meet the Team blog series, we are interviewing Antoine Dozois, a software developer at VIA.

Let’s TAC™ About It: The Bridge to AI Experts

In this blog, learn how TAC™ reduces time, cost, and privacy risks of working with AI specialists.

Thank you, 2019. Now, let’s do this 2020!

2019 was a milestone year for VIA: we launched GDAC™, spoke at events across the globe, and expanded the VIA community.

Understanding How EV Charging Behavior Affects Distribution Networks

At VIA, we are beginning to see that transformers are stressed by the switch to EVs. Our focus is finding ways to keep these assets healthy.
mcgill computer science

The Importance of Unit Testing

VIA’s Ashley DaSilva, Team Leader, Product Development, was invited to lead a workshop on unit testing for McGill’s Computer Science Graduate Society. Ashley discussed the critical importance of software testing, why developers should embrace unit testing, and when and how to use mocking.
VIA Hiring

The 5 Game Changers that Made 2018 VIA's Year

2018 was a blockbuster year for VIA, from product development to team growth, from press features to awards, and so much more. We are proud to share some of our highlights with you here, and we look forward to the year ahead!

VIA Spotlight: Girard Newkirk, Founder and CEO of KWHCoin

Girard Newkirk, CEO of KWHCoin, spoke with VIA about how KWHCoin evolved to become an energy solutions provider as well as a platform for sustainable infrastructure development.

So, You’ve Updated Your Privacy Policy

The energy industry as a whole is more data-dependent than ever before. But, how can utilities balance consumers’ rights to data privacy, security, and anonymity, while leveraging this wealth of new information to improve service reliability and efficiency? At VIA, we are enhancing our Trusted Analytics Chain (TAC) platform to address this challenge.
VIA Somerville Team

Six Values in Six Months: A Co-op Reflects

VIA's marketing execution co-op, Meg Foley, reflects on how she lived VIA's six values during her time in the Davis Square headquarters.
smart contract

Rock Science: How Van Halen Invented Smart Contracts

Van Halen's music defined a genre (and a generation), but their impact reaches much further than the music world. In fact, you could argue Van Halen’s reach extends even into the blockchain boom we’re seeing today. How so? Well, Van Halen sort of invented the smart contract.
VIA company offsite

VIA Reflects on its Largest Company Offsite Ever

Company offsites are essential to VIA's culture: they offer an uninterrupted time of sharing team wins, solving project challenges, and planning for the next big thing.

3 Ways VIA Prioritizes the Team Behind the Tech

In order for our technology and solutions to stay cutting edge, we need to continue building, cultivating, and supporting the team that got us where we are today.

The AI That Cried Wolf: How VIA Refines Algorithms

Colin Gounden, CEO of VIA, explains how we collaborate with a client's team of experts to refine our algorithms to yield more accurate predictions.