TEPCO Selects Via Science for Strategic Investment

Japan's largest electric power supplier, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO), has selected Via Science for its first strategic venture investment in machine learning and analytics.

You Asked, We Answered: The Technical Day-to-Day for a Via Science Data Scientist

Two of Via Science's newest data scientists share their experiences working with Via Science's preferred technologies for the first time, diverse clients and projects and the overall learning environment.

Big Math Spotlight: Jim Creighton

Manifold Partners' Jim Creighton sat down with us to discuss the growing trend of using machine learning and large-scale data analysis to better control risk and predict outcomes in the investment world and what he learned using Via Science's approach.

The Igarapé Institute, Via Science Launch Public Safety Digital Application

The Igarapé Institute and Via Science partnered to develop public safety digital application, CrimeRadar for Rio de Janeiro. The app uses predictive analytics to forecast the probability of crime occurring throughout metropolitan Rio.

Via Science Releases Microservices Architecture, Focus™

Focus™ allows Via Science to create small, independent modules that can handle varying types and frequency of data as well as differences in operational deployment.